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Tickets go on sale this Saturday at noon

The Bad Plus, Manteca, Cyro Baptista, Kyle Eastwood, John Abercrombie, Guy Bélanger, Jean Pierre Zanella, Chris Potter, Trio Joubran, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Piers Faccini, Bob Walsh, Septeto Nacional, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Dawn Tyler Watson and Paul Deslauriers, Jordan Officer, Jill Barber and Michael Kaeshammer…
even more Jazz All Year Round!

Montreal, Thursday, July 8, 2010 - The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal may have wrapped up its 31st edition yesterday, but the music keeps rolling thanks to the Jazz All Year Round series presented by TD! We’ve prepared a rich and diverse program packed with top-flight ambassador-artists representing the blues, electronica, folk, world music and, of course, jazz. It’s the perfect way to fill up your musical datebooks for the next three seasons! Tickets for these new concerts go on sale Saturday, July 10 at noon.

The Bad Plus - Saturday, September 18, 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., L’Astral - Pink Floyd, Nirvana and even Stravinsky are treated to a musical makeover with a progressive jazz slant by these three Festival darlings-pianist Ethan Iverson, double bassist Reid Anderson and drummer David King-whom we’ve caught at least 5 times since 2003. This time out, The Bad Plus offer us an added “plus”: not one, but two performances in the same evening!

Chantale Gagné Trio with Ted Nash and Peter Washington - Tuesday, September 21, 8 p.m., L’Astral - The 2008/2009 Radio-Canada Musique “Révélation”, Quebec jazz pianist Chantale Gagné presents songs from her debut album, Silent Strength. Bringing an impressive precision to her blend originals and jazz standards, she returns after a run of solo shows here, there and everywhere, as well as performances with double bassist Peter Washington and drummer Ted Nash, the format she’ll bring us for this unique evening in L’Astral. Everywhere she performs, the response is unanimous: Gagné is a discovery to watch!

Linda “Chocolate Thunder” Rodney - Wednesday, September 22, 8 p.m., L’Astral - Linda Rodney lives up to her stage name, Chocolate Thunder, and how: one listen and you’ll know that this South Carolina blueswoman is a force of nature onstage! Working in the Aretha Franklin and Muddy Waters musical lineage, she delivers powerhouse gospel and blues straight out of the purest American tradition. Her most recent album, Ear Candy, released in 2009, is as sweet and addictive as its title!

Manteca - Friday, September 24, 8 p.m., L’Astral - Manteca, the super-popular Latin-flavoured world music collective, returns to active service after a too-long hiatus, to a thundering ovation from their many fans. And the effects of time? Nada! The group’s members have immediately reclaimed their sacred fire, the chemistry that has made them a legendary outfit. Their first albums since 1998, Onward! (2007) and Fun Fun une nuit à Montréal (2008), offer ample evidence of the ferociously danceable salsa they serve up onstage!

Cyro Baptista, Banquet of the Spirit - Saturday, September 25, 8 p.m., L’Astral - This immensely creative Brazilian percussionist, who’s collaborated with the greatest musicians on the planet (Paul Simon, Laurie Anderson, Yo-Yo Ma…)-and delivered a phenomenally intense performance with John Zorn in his Masada Marathon in the last edition of the Festival-returns to us with Infinito, his latest album with Banquet of the Spirit. The group works in the Brazilian “Anthropophage” artistic movement, absorbing and musically refracting everything they find on the sonic landscape. An unforgettable experience, led by an equally unforgettable artist!

Kyle Eastwood - Tuesday, September 28, 8 p.m., L’Astral - When Kyle Eastwood released his first album, he made one of Hollywood’s biggest jazzophiles proud: his dad, Clint. Twelve years on, the double bassist has three albums and a number of soundtracks to his credit (Letters from Iwo Jima, Invictus…) and draws admiration all over the globe. His most recent album, Metropolitain-a collaboration with MAnu Katché, co-produced by Erin Davis, son of the immortal Miles-exudes the live ambience of an Eastwood show; the BBC has called them a “hot live act”!

John Abercrombie - Friday, October 1, 8 p.m., L’Astral - The career… thus far: Abercrombie has been playing jazz guitar in all its forms for over 40 years, his name appearing on some fifty albums-his own, and albums from an impressive galaxy of musicians (Gil Evans, Jack Dejohnette…). The numbers aside, he draws admiration for his facility at perfectly conjugating experimentation with a respect for tradition. A great friend of the Festival, he returns with his brilliant collaborators, Mark Feldman on violin, Thomas Morgan on double bass and Joey Baron on drums, along with his most recent album, Wait Till You See Her.

Guy Bélanger - Wednesday, October 6 and Saturday, October 16, 8 p.m., L’Astral - He delivered a simply incandescent concert in Lion d’Or last year in the Jazz All Year Round series-and since it would be a crime not to relive that kind of magic, here he is back again to double our pleasure! An intense and brilliant harmonica player who’s shared the stage with such blues legends as Muddy Waters and Bob Walsh, Bélanger brings us songs from his debut solo album Crossroads, a savvy blend of originals and folk/blues gems by the likes of Lyle Lovett and Marc Broussard.

Jean Pierre Zanella - Thursday, October 7, 8 p.m., L’Astral - Saxophonist, composer and arranger-Jean Pierre Zanella’s reputation is assured. As proof, we’ve lost count of his Festival appearances since 1988, and the prestigious collaborations and accolades he’s racked up. And consider the sublime releases Mother Tree (2002) and Villa, Lobos & Jobim! For this show, he’ll call upon a solid group of musicians and deliver the pieces from his long-awaited album Infinito, and just released by Effendi.

Chris Potter’s Underground - Friday, October 8, 8 p.m., L’Astral - Downbeat calls him “One of the most studied (and copied) saxophonists on the planet”, and one listen is all it will take to convince you. Jazz prodigy, multi-instrumentalist and born improviser, he’s blown away audience members and critics alike since 1989, when he turned 18! After his triumph here in 2006, he returns with his group Underground and the Ultrahang album, a five-year in the making project showcasing the group’s cohesive interplay alongside their edgy and unbridled rhythms. Impressive!

Trio Joubran - Saturday, October 9, 8 p.m., L’Astral - Forming an oud trio would be remarkable enough, given the instrument usually serves an accompanist role… but creating a global sensation with it (raves from Jerusalem to New York) is out of this world! Formed by Samir, Wissam and Adnan-three brothers who grew up in Nazareth in an environment in which the oud was practically a member of the family-the group received an award for the soundtrack to Adieu Gary (Dubaï International Film Festival), and presents songs from the Majâz album, featuring Yousef Hbeisch on percussion. In a word: splendid!

Raphael Zaldivar Trio with guest - Tuesday, October 12, 8 p.m., L’Astral - World-jazz takes centre stage with Cuban pianist Rafael Zaldivar, who made sparks fly at both last year’s and this year’s Festival! Renowned for his improvisational and compositional talents-he’s the 2010-2011 Révélation Radio-Canada Musique-, as well as a musical trajectory filled with rewarding collaborations, his new album is called Life Directions: a crossbreed of cultures, sounds and styles that slips naturally from Cuban traditions to contempo rhythms. A virtuoso to watch: THE new Montreal jazz piano sensation!

Jack de Keyzer - Wednesday, October 13, 8 p.m., L’Astral - A soulful, eclectic, warm, grainy voice, steeped in jazz, and an undeniable six-string talent… It’s no surprise that this Festival regular has been called upon by so many artists over the course of his 30-year career (Ronnie Hawkins, Blue Rodeo, Bo Diddley… and even the son of the Prime Minister of Canada, who enjoyed a de Keyzer guitar lesson!) Named blues artist of the year by CBC Radio in 2009, Jack de Keyser presents songs from his most album, The Corktown Sessions. Expect precision, passion and solid blues!

Kruder & Dorfmeister live featuring MC Earl Zinger & Ras MC T- Weed, Visuals by Fritz Fitzke: The 16 F**king Years Anniversary Session - Wednesday, October 13, 9 p.m., Métropolis - It’s already been 16 years since Austrian DJs, electronica maestros and founders of the Kruder and Dorfmeister label released their debut album, G-Stoned. That landmark-as unforgettable for its originality as for its cheeky remake of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bookends cover-certainly merits an anniversary party! The duo, who captivated Fest fans in, have cooked up a show inspired by the album, full of original pieces, special guests and archival gems, Sixteen F**king Years of G-Stone. A wicked visual and sonic experience!

Colin Hunter with Joe Sealy and Kim Richardson - Friday, October 15, 8 p.m., L’Astral - Colin Hunter is that rare artist who can sing Come Fly With Me, and really mean it! President-founder of an airline company by day, impassioned crooner by night, this multi-faceted man returns accompanied by pianist Joe Sealy-with whom he recorded the remarkable album Mostly About You-and singer Kim Richardson, another Festival favorite who brought us her magnificent Billie Holiday tribute during our 30th edition. Destination: jazz classics, sumptuously rendered. Strap yourself in, we’re ready for liftoff!

François Bourassa, Michel Donato, Frank Lozano and Pierre Tanguay play Bill Evans - Friday, October 22, 8 p.m., L’Astral - François Bourassa, recipient of the 2007 Oscar-Peterson Award, and his fave virtuosi are back to recreate the absolutely genius show they delivered in the Upstairs club during this year’s Festival-a brilliant tribute to au pianist Bill Evans (notably including New Jazz Conceptions and a memorable collaboration on Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue). With Donato on double bass, Lozano on saxophone, Tanguay on drums and Bourassa on piano, putting their talents to the service of the immortals Bill Evans, one might say fans will be in very, very good hands!

Steve Hill - Saturday, October 23, 8 p.m., L’Astral - He’s a homegrown virtuoso whose mighty six-string exploits are undeniable: by popular demand, Québécois guitar gunslinger Steve Hill is headed back to L’Astral. After delivering not one but two electrifying performances last year season, he retakes the stage with his faithful Majestiks, armed with The Damage Done. The album, which La Presse described as “timeless and deliciously frozen in time,” is swiftly becoming a must for hardcore blues-rock fans. Get ready to rock!

Piers Faccini - Thursday, October 28, 8 p.m., L’Astral - The songs on Two Grains of Sand, Piers Faccini’s most recent album-named album of the year in 2009 by France Inter-were composed in the isolation of Cévennes. His influences are an eclectic array of maestros including the names Ali Faraka Toure, Bob Dylan and Caetano Veloso. The charm, however, is very much his own, a presence that impressed crowds when he performed as opening act on Ben Harper’s 2007 American tour: paradoxically eclectic, but utterly universal. It’s a divine sound!

Bob Walsh - Saturday, October 30, 8 p.m., L’Astral - The simple mention of his name conjures practically the entire history of Québécois blues from the ’70s on. From the group Contrebande to the films of Yves Simoneau (Dernier voyage, Les yeux rouges, Pouvoirs intimes) to The Only Blues (2007)-with a pitstop in A Canadian Blues Rendez-Vous, recorded at the Festival in 2004 with Breen Leboeuf, Dawn Tyler Watson, Jack de Keyzer and others-Bob Walsh still carries the sacred flame of the blues aloft, as amply evidenced by his new album, Inside I Am All Blue. A guitarist to see and hear again and again!

Septeto Nacional - Tuesday, November 9, 8 p.m., L’Astral - The Septeto Nacional is a genuine Cuban institution. Formed over eight decades ago, their son, an ancestor of salsa-including Échale salsita, the song which inspired Gershwin’s Cuban Overture-draws massive crowds for every performance, anywhere and everywhere they play. You’ll want to join their number, because the latest album Sin Rumba No Hay Son, released in September, breathes modernity into the group’s sunny montanos, boleros and chas-chas-chas. In ceaseless evolution, the orchestra remains utterly irresistible despite the passage of time!

Renaud Garcia-Fons - Friday, November 12, 8 p.m., L’Astral - He’s been nicknamed the “Paganini of the double bass” for having revolutionized the way the instrument is played, with his con arco technique (using a bow), and the addition of a fifth string. Renaud Garcia-Fons also has a certain reputation for eclecticism, boldly crossing the boundaries between genres, folding Indian, classical and Persian music, or even tango and flamenco rhythms into his jazz. We adored him in the Invitation series during the 30th edition of the Festival, and can’t wait to hear what he’s got in store for us this time!

Dawn Tyler Watson and Paul Deslauriers - Saturday, November 13, 8 p.m., L’Astral - The Queen of Montreal blues, Dawn Tyler Watson-absolutely jaw-dropping opening for Cyndi Lauper at the Festival this year!-visits us with her rootsy folk-blues duo, paired with singer-songwriter and guitarist Paul Deslauriers. Their album, En duo, produced by Charles Papasoff, has been hailed by critics everywhere, balancing covers of classics-Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Smokey Robinson…-with their own originals. With this kind of talent onstage, fans are in for a real musical treat!

MonkeyJunk - Wednesday, November 17, 8 p.m., L’Astral - Influences plumbed from blues legends, fused and detonated in an explosive blend of R&B, soul, boogie, funk and swamp - that’s Monkey Junk! Formed just two years ago in 2008, the wildly successful group already has a mantle full of awards including Best New Artist at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, 5 Maple Blues Awards in 2010 and Best Blues Artist at the Canadian Music Awards. With songs from their debut album, Tiger In Your Tank bouncing off the airwaves around the world, the MonkeyJunk phenomenon is more fun than a barrel full of… !

Jordan Officer - Thursday, November 18, 8 p.m., L’Astral - Celebrated for his essential contribution to Susie Arioli’s career, Jordan Officer leaves no listener unmoved. Beyond his reserved demeanour and humility, this unassuming master of the six-string radiates a formidable intensity-as though the sepia-tinged legacies of the blues, jazz and country had suddenly been channeled through one resolutely personal voice. No doubt about it: Jordan Officer is a genuine sonic alchemist. In the wake of his sold-out concert at the Festival this summer, he returns with songs from his self-titled debut solo album.

Jill Barber and Michael Kaeshammer - double bill - Saturday, November 20, 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., L’Astral - Kris Kristofferson effused about her: “Jill Barber is a real songwriter… a damn good songwriter.” A multiple Juno winner, discovered by the Festival in 2009 and a sellout smash every time she’s here, Barber presents Chances, a charming breath of fresh air that seems to have come right out of a ’50s cabaret. We’re betting fans will be doubly won over, since the lovely Barber will be accompanied by another favourite we can’t get enough of, whether in the Jazz All Year Round series or at the Festival-super boogie-woogie pianist Michael Kaeshammer! A true triple threat (a combination of virtuosity, vocal talent and charisma), he’s here with a 6th album, Lovelight.

Shane Murphy - Wednesday, November 24, 8 p.m., L’Astral - He’s a stage warrior, with over 1000 performances to his credit. In true Fighting Irish style, Shane Murphy brings complete mastery to the guitar, laying down a visceral, red-blooded blues-folk that oozes sincerity and authenticity. Fresh from his most recent success, at the 31st edition of the Festival, the 2006 winner of the Lys award for best up-and-coming blues artist in 2006 is now a certified artist. He returns to us with the songs from his debut album, Street Money Miracle, flexing muscular blues that skillfully blends in reggae, soul, and roots.

Colin Moore (Opening Act: Britton Allison) - Saturday, December 4, 8 p.m., L’Astral - Whisky-voiced singer-songwriter Moore began his career on the Montreal scene, but he’s since greatly expanded his repertoire… and how. Embracing folk-rock and the legacy of de Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, he’s recorded a debut solo album, Leaving Home, which turned out to be a great discovery of this edition of the Festival. Another musical discovery opens the evening: singer Britton Allison, a charming Torontonian who steps away from her alternative country pop group, Cavaliers!, for a solo outing.

Please note that tickets remain available for these other concerts
in the
Jazz All-Year Round series:

Katie Melua - Saturday, September 11, 8 p.m., Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, PdA

Gotan Project - Wednesday, September 29, 8 p.m., Métropolis

Pat Metheny, Orchestrion - Tuesday, October 12, 8 p.m., Théâtre Maisonneuve

Toumani Diabaté, Eliades Ochoa, Bassekou Kouyaté, Baba Sissoko in Afro-Cubism - Friday, November 5, 8 p.m., Métropolis

Johnny Clegg - Saturday, April 9, 8 p.m., Métropolis

A month of Piano solo in the Balmoral… free of charge!

And don’t forget the roster of pianists headed to the Bistro Le Balmoral as part of the Piano solo series, every week in August, Thursday to Saturday, for free 60-minute concerts at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.: John Roney (August 5 to 7), Steve Amirault (August 12 to 14), Vincent Gagnon (August 19 to 21) and Yoel Diaz (August 26 to 28). Don’t miss the opportunity to discover or re-discover the leading lights of local piano… free of charge!

The Festival de Jazz on tour

We remind you that the Festival is going on tour across Quebec for a 2nd year. This time out, excellent guitarist Jordan Officer and charming singer Stacey Kent take on the province: in Montreal on March 11 & 12, 2011, in L’Astral, as well as March 10 in Longueuil, March 13 in Gatineau, March 15 in Brossard, March 17 in Saint‑Hyacinthe, March 18 in Sainte-Thérèse, March 19 in Shawinigan, March 20 in Sherbrooke, March 24 in Valleyfield, March 25 in L’Assomption, March 26 in Beloeil and March 27 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

A non-profit organization, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal is pursuing its mission of disseminating and developing jazz and its musical cousins for the eleventh year in a row, by reinvesting its surpluses in the presentation of special concerts at its Jazz All-Year Round series. With support from public partners, specifically, the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) and Canadian Heritage, it can thus offer Montrealers and visitors to the city the chance to experience the rhythms of jazz all-year round! The Festival also highlights the support of the Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan, official host of the Jazz All Year Round series, as well as the support of Bell and the Hyatt Regency Montréal, partner and official hotel of the series, respectively.

Tickets go on sale Saturday at noon

Tickets for these new concerts in the 2010-2011 autumn/winter program of the Jazz All-Year Round series go on sale Saturday, July 10 at noon and will be available from the L’Astral box office (305 Ste. Catherine St. W.), from the Festival’s central box office, located in Métropolis (59 Ste. Catherine St. E.), or from Admission (, 514 790‑1245 or 1 800 361‑4595)-excluding those concerts presented at Place des Arts, which will be available at 514 842‑2112, at 1 866 842‑2112 or at For further information, call the Bell Info-Jazz Line at 514 871‑1881, toll-free at 1 888 515‑0515, or visit

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