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Saturday, February 27 to Sunday, February 28

Nuit blanche à Montréal:
bet everything on “Red”!

Montreal, Tuesday, February 9, 2016 — The Nuit blanche à Montréal is one of our greatest winter pleasures—and no wonder! In one extravagant dream of a night, fans can participate in over 200 activities, most of them free, on a starry night of fun set to illuminate the city in every sense of the word. This lucky 13th edition will certainly be no exception, with an added little je ne sais quoi thanks to this year’s theme, Red, which will be showcased in myriad ways at all the sites and venues spread out over quartiers and 2 pôles. As always, this Nuit belongs to everyone, big and small, young and old alike, with something for every taste, style and approach, all while re-discovering the beautiful city we thought we knew so well. Bring the family, bring friends, and join us all on Saturday, February 27…

The Nuit blanche kicks off on the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE free outdoor site

With so many activities on the menu, it’s hard to know where to start! The MEL free outdoor site is one sure bet: with its incredible array of activities spread out over the Place des Festivals, the Place des Arts esplanade, the Promenade des Artistes and Ste. Catherine Street, every fan will have more than enough action to fill their sked! Better yet, the party will run practically around the clock because the site opens at noon, meaning you can start your “night” off in daylight! Also, fans will want to return again and again over the course of the event(s), for the entertainment on hand, and to take advantage of the energy-boosting delights served up by the many Gourmet Pit-stops on the site. The action rolls continuously until 3 a.m.—ARTLUX interactive installation presented by Bell (enabling fans to create digital artworks projected live using self-illumination!) and L’îlot de chaleur (Island of Warmth, the first piece unveiled from among the upcoming Illuminart interactive technological installations, a bonfire of bulbs that flashes to life and activates under the effect of human body heat!), as well as the RBC Zip-line powered by Arbraska, the super Milk Urban Slide and the Mini-Slide for kids, to name but a few—and lots of other ways to entertain yourselves. At 8 p.m., the party kicks off with complete zaniness on the RBC Stage, the projection-spectacle-event Elvis Gratton Picture Show, a wild show featuring our most colourful film hero, screening the greatest film moments of the King with Misteur Valaire performing live. And the dancefloor will lift-off thanks to DJ Lebaron (Aim party) (9 p.m.) and Alexi Delano (11 p.m.), ably supported by visual creations from the Normalboysandgirls VJs! Also, don’t forget one of this year’s major new features—the Nuit blanche will not close out the festival as it usually does, because the schedule for this edition of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE has been extended to include the extra Winter Break week, allowing everyone to enjoy the outdoor site even longer!

La Nuit blanche to the max

Organizers of the Nuit blanche and the STM have thought of everything to keep the party rolling! The Métro will remain open all night for the occasion (with regular fares) and a free shuttle service (13 shuttles, 4 circuits and 58 stops) will run every 10-15 minutes from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m., linking all the activities and the neighbourhoods of Vieux-Montréal, the Quartier des spectacles and Centre-ville and Plateau-Mont-Royal et Mile-End. The Pôles Parc olympique and Ligne Bleue will also be accessible by Métro and a shuttle will connect Cinéma Beaubien with the TOHU. And once again, CIBL 101,5 Radio-Montréal will be the voice of the Nuit blanche in all shuttles, keeping everyone informed on what’s happening everywhere during this wild night.

  Design your own Nuit blanche…

Here’s a little glimpse of the vast programming that awaits us all… Choose from among the 11 categories below or opt for our new suggestions for themed itineraries ( or on page 9 of the official program).


The Centre for Sustainable Development suits up for hockey! Fans can score goals against climate change and even win a hockey jersey, or pose on the red carpet alongside threatened Canadian symbols like the polar bear, or major ecologists like David Suzuki and Steven Guilbeault! Soham Yoga will be dolled up in red and lit solely by candles, offering yoga classes with live music, while the Olympic Park’s Sports Centre invites us to its floating Wibit playground, or to marathon guided yoga sessions or Aqua Zumba classes.

Visual arts

Among the many Belgo galleries participating in the Nuit blanche, we must mention ARPRIM, where Manitoban Suzie Smith invites us to a silkscreen paper sculpture workshop inspired by her exhibition Construction Paper. She’ll even show us how it’s done! The Goethe-Institut presents a performative installation teaching us that the silence of books nonetheless offer aural possibilities, thanks to words, descriptions and musical references. At the Théâtre MainLine, the Festival Art Matters invites us to its PROM! Dress up in your wildest outfits and dance the night away with a special bonus offering of performances and art installations from every genre! Espace Projet will amaze guests with original collective work that allows you to create an original cast of part of your body and imagine the way genetic and technological innovations can influence the future of humanity.


On the Place des Festivals, head right over to the NFB #GIFnTAKE! It’s a new experience that places participants—solo or in a group—front and center in an animated film—and you get your own GIF to show everyone afterwards! In La Passe, the groop*index collective and evoked response band together for an evening of exclusive audiovisual collaboration between experimental Montreal filmmakers and musicians. Enjoy a number of world premiere performances and pieces. The Montreal International Documentary Festival and the Canadian Centre for Architecture are delighted to announce the highly-anticipated return of their YouTube Battle! The tournament—16 teams facing off, armed with their most hilarious YouTube videos—will be followed by a DJ set. NOMAD Nation offers a multi-sensorial African immersion with the Grand Prix Focus of its 44th edition (Le cœur de Madame Sabali, with commentary from director Ryan McKenna) and a dancefloor pumping with irresistible rhythms from Africa and elsewhere.


In Espace Cercle Carré, the Laboratoire popmolle presents a sensorial and immersive experience in which interaction between dance and the digital arts explores the expressive possibilities of softness and elasticity, thanks to the Popcore collective. In Studios Vert Prana, get ready to laugh, spin, twirl and groove ‘til you’re dizzy with happiness as you play with our Hula Hoops! The Carnaval LGBT Massimadi in O Patro Výš embraces a world of pleasures: sequins and spangles, cool and groovy people, the best in dancehall, soca, samba and Afro music, dancers, percussion and incredible ambience! Meanwhile, L’Auditoire amps up the tropical heat with a totally Brazilian experience: dance workshops, performances and DJs.


The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal invites you to discover an exhibition conceived by artist Geneviève Cadieux spotlighting the MAC’s rich Collection MAC (Matisse, Picasso, Van Dongen, Robert Doisneau, Emily Carr…). The tone shifts with the Musée du Rock’n'Roll, plunging into the Montreal alternative scenes from the ’60s to the ’80s, when Red Light was transformed into Black Light, music called for revolution, and jazz made way for hardcore. The Grande Bibliothèque is as amazing as ever, this time with a virtual exploration of 10 of the most fascinating libraries in the world, conceived in partnership with Ex Machina and Robert Lepage, as well as showcasing the lost art of the transcriber, which you’ll rediscover as you reproduce by hand an excerpt of The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel, the inspiration for the exhibition of the same name. At the Musée du costume et du textile du Québec, trade in your tuque for an elegant chapeau and a photo session! Discover the history of hats and headgear and check out the chic outfits of the exhibition Parcours d’une élégante.

Hotels, circuses…

Enjoy a Laurie Raphaël hot chocolate while exploring the Le Germain boutique hôtel, experiencing the music, painting, photography and fine arts and crafts that are integral elements of the rooms. There will even be an entire floor dedicated to artists and artisans! The UQAM Centre de design triples the pleasure of discovery with three original installations on the theme of democracy including Le cirque des choses sérieuses, a circular installation that leads particpants—in zany voting booths!—to question their role in democracy… Meanwhile, the TOHU presents the 2nd edition of its Freak show, wilder than ever, and a trip into the eccentric world of the circus and sideshow freaks of yore. The Pavillon in Parc Saint-Viateur will host the luminous, motley Red Light, a strange, madcap brothel designed by Karine Saint-Arnaud and Théâtre sous la main, with Camille Loiselle-D’Aragon, and the official opening of the OUF! Festival Off Casteliers, where we’ll try to set a new world record for the most ever assembled on skates! Also featuring short-form marionette displays, the Monogamy group, and entertainment on the rink.


A number of organizations will present game-themed evenings, in collaboration with Montréal joue. Join in playful, fun-filled events (board games, quiz nights, escape games, video games…) in venues from one end of the city to the other, including Le Colonel Moutarde, Bibliothèque Marc-Favreau, Centre Pierre-Charbonneau, Nexus SmartBar


In the Otto Maass Chemistry Building in McGill University, we’ll be talking about light… literally: you’ll learn everything about the relationship between light, chemistry and colour in a series of scientific demonstrations. With Map ta nuit en 3D!, participants can play in all dimensions au Laïka, with 3D architectural projections created by TiND and Ex-Nihilo, and thrilling electronic music by Ohm Hourani and his guests.


Attention jazz fans: this activity in the Médiathèque jazz/La Presse+ de la Maison du Festival is an absolute must! Co-founder and artistic director of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal André Ménard unfurls tales from 4 decades at the heart of all things musical. Ménard is a living musical encyclopedia whose incredible stories will have everyone re-experiencing the great moments and highlights from Festival history and beyond, from jazz to everything else. In Usine C, words meet numbers with the À DEUX company: 48 hours before the show, 10 performing artists will receive a ”creativity mandate” chosen by the public, and then create 10 minute performances with the help of 25 actors… The bar in La Licorne skews more comedic with Mes premiers mots, a reading of youthful writings—love letters, poems, correspondence, postcards, student newspaper articles…—by many artists and friends of the theatre.


Get ready to live it up as the Club Soda unveils its 7th edition of Karnival, THE can’t miss party of the Nuit blanche, a total showcase of Montreal diversity, with DJs Kobal, Kyou and Poirier and a wild dance troupe. The McCord Museum also goes musical, offering a visit set to the rhythm of musical soundtracks conceived by emerging artists and linked to exhibition themes. Even the Métro gets involved at Berri-UQAM Metro Station, with Les Étoiles du métro Brass Plus One, Flash-Back, Eclectic Django and Gypsy Vadrouille. Or do you prefer pyjama parties? Head to the Maison des Jeunesses Musicales Canada, where kids aged 3-12 will enjoy an evening featuring music, rhythmic games, body percussion, wild traditional, modern and futuristic dances and even snacks and refreshments! Fans of musical comedy will head to the Segal Centre for Performing Arts and its Broadway Café hosted by Noelle Hannibal, where amateurs and professionals alike will sing out their fave Broadway numbers. Finally, L’Astral hosts a hip-hop evening to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of legendary producer Jay Dilla. DJ Doc Mad, Toast Dawg, Sev Dee, DJ Manzo and DJ Ephiks welcome Detroit MCs Illa J and Frank Knitty Aka The Yancey Boys.


The Théâtre Sainte-Catherine kicks into improve mode with Nuit des 100 Improvisateurs, with hosts and improvisers switching roles throughout the evening and playing a variety of innovative and entertaining improv games. Laugh it up while enjoying a cocktail! Laughter will also ring out in the Gesù during La nuit, on rit ! hosted by Simon Delisle, accompanied by twenty talented grads from the École nationale de l’humour. Finally, La Rocambolesque in the Union Française offers a number of ways to experience and appreciate theatrical improvisation, including games, comedic performances and interactive contests. Also, this year, they’ll be using costumes and accessories!

Underground Art Souterrain

This year, Art Souterrain presents 70 contemporary art projects spread throughout 13 buildings in Montreal’s indoor underground city. A crew of mediators will be on hand to guide festival fans and offer a different perspective on the artworks. Get set for your visit to this edition and its theme “L’art doit-il séduire ?” by downloading the audioguide from


This is just a glimpse of the activities of the 13th Nuit blanche à Montréal. You’ll find all the necessary information in the free publication available on the festival site and from all activity venues and locations.

Info-Lumière La Presse+ Line 514 288-9955 or, toll-free, 1 85LUMIERES;

For the Nuit blanche, head to the information kiosks on the outdoor site of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, at La Vitrine (2-22) and the exit of Mont-Royal Metro station.

You’ll also find the complete program of Nuit blanche à Montréal on the mobile application for iPhone and Android. Festival fans will find the complete schedule there, including locations, categories and descriptions. It allows all our nighthawks to pinpoint the activities closest to the user, thanks to the “radar” and “augmented reality” functions, to locate all the activities using the dynamic maps, and to draw up their very own Nuit blanche itinerary. Also, thanks to the multimedia tab, it’ll be easy to share photos and videos of your faves. The application also offers you a link to follow and share all the Nuit blanche activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Moderation: fun, without a downside

The Nuit blanche is certainly beloved by thousands and thousands of Montrealers and tourists for its wildly entertaining programming, but also for its festive and safe atmosphere. In order to ensure that good times remain good, we remind everyone that it is prohibited to bring alcohol onto the outdoor site during the event—including all routes and districts where activities are held—as is the case for the entirety of the city of Montreal.

The 17th edition of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE will be held from Thursday, February 18 to Saturday, March 5.

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