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28th edition of the FrancoFolies de Montréal : Over 150 free outdoor concerts to kick off the summer!

Montreal, Thursday, May 26, 2016 — It’s time to unveil the outdoor program of the 28th edition of the FrancoFolies de Montréal—and it’s going to be wild! Widely regarded as the world’s biggest event dedicated to francophone music, the FrancoFolies are ready to welcome almost one million fans to this hub of global francophone artistry! Presented by Bell in collaboration with Ford of Canada from June 9 to 18, the event remains dedicated to its mission to promote and showcase music en français, with over 150 free outdoor concerts in every conceivable genre, from classic rock to French chanson, pop, electronica, reggae, world music and hip-hop. Every genre, every groove, every accent… and something musical for absolutely everyone!


 A free event every night!

There’s a free event every night! It’s a Francos tradition… by popular acclaim!



The program, series by series

Espace Bell

(Bell Stage, Place des Festivals)

In addition to the Spectacles Bell series and 9 major free events at 9 p.m, the Francos mainstage dedicated to our most promising emerging talents! Révélations Bell, 7 p.m.

June 10 / An Acadian who has become a star in Quebec: Joseph Edgar, with his new album Ricochets.

June 11 / Discovered on La Voix 2014, Renee Wilkin brings us a debut album blending pop, soul and R&B: L’amour, la guerre.

June 12 / Make way for the next wave of Canadian talent! Patrick Groulx from TV program JAM 5 presents the new stars of 2016.  

June 13 / A mainstay of the Quebec country-folk-rock scene: David Jalbert

June 14 / The talented Alexe Gaudreault and her super-energized debut pop album.

June 15 / Two pals team up in a campfire folk-rock duo: 2Frères and their first album, Nous autres.

June 16 / Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs deliver their latest album, ¾ Fort: deeply groovy ad captivating traditional music.

June 17 / A true rockeuse we can’t get enough of: Andie Duquette and her stunning debut album, Ton problème.

June 18 / The prolific Alexandre Belliard and his magisterial musical saga Légendes d’un peuple.

Zone Ford

(Ford Stage, corner of St. Catherine and Jeanne-Mance)

Following the Ford Opening Event, the Soirées rock Ford series kicks off every evening at 8 p.m.

June 10 / The series kicks off with a great local rock’n’roll band: Les Respectables.

June 11 / Charismatic duo Blé and the catchy pop of their album Pluie de grêle.

June 12 / Celebrating a 40-year career, Yves Lambert and his pal Socalled present Lambert dans ses bottines.

June 13 / Raw energy, authenticity and rebellious folk-rock: Jonathan Painchaud storms in with La tête haute.

June 14 / Winner of the 2015 ADISQ for Show of the Year, Patrice Michaud arrives with Le feu de chaque jour.

June 15 / Amélie Veille rallies guests Maxime Landry, Andréanne A. Malette and Antoine Gratton to unveil her new album.

June 16 / Young rocker Rémi Chassé takes the stage with his first Franco album, Debout dans l’ombre.

June 17 / Irreverent, whimsical, unique, and just a little zany… the irresistible Philippe Brach, with Portraits de famine.

June 18 / The Ford Rising Star competition unveils its finalists!

Fans of electric guitar and big rock bass, scrawl this in your calendars: Nuits rock Ford at 11 p.m.

June 10 / The series blasts off with the hypnotic, psychedelic garage rock of Corridor and their album Le voyage éternel.

June 11 / Bridging classic rock and post-rock, get ready for the incisive songs and raw sounds of Barrasso.

June 12 / Known for his explosive performances, welcome the poetic-apocalyptic VioleTT Pi and his latest, Manifeste contre la peur.

June 13 / A great unhinged punk-metal duo: Oktoplut.

June 14 / After a 15-year absence, the return of the flagship ’90s metal-punk-hardcore band Overbass.

June 15 / A new project from former Malajube members Rémy Nadeau-Aubin and Francis Mineau: the melodic, catchy rock of Bateau Noir.

June 16 / Cutting-edge artist Francis Faubert takes the gloves off with his latest garage-folk-rocker, Maniwaki.

June 17 / The renaissance of legendary hardcore cult band B.A.R.F., celebrating their 30th anniversary!

June 18 / Get ready for rage, delirium and taut punk-rock metal: Les Goules and their newest album Coma.

A series dedicated to the next generation: Midis (Complexe Desjardins).

June 15 to 18 / SACEF presents Chansons dans la mire, a series of 4 shows celebrating the creativity and effervescence of Franco songwriting with young artists from the 22nd edition of Ma première Place des Arts.

Zone Molson Canadian

(corner of De Bleury and Ste. Catherine)

An intimate, friendly spot perfect for the Acoustiques Molson Canadian series at 5 p.m.

June 10 / Country-folk-bluegrass artist Sara Dufour unveils her EP Le Breaker.

June 11 / William Sévigny hoists the folk-rock flag with his latest, L’écho, la brume et le vent.

June 12 / Jérôme Charlebois gets them laughing and singing along with songs from his 4th album, Même pour les matantes.

June 13 / SACEM presents two charming French artists: the foxy Zaza Fournier and the luminous Luciole (Rendez-vous Pros des Francos).

June 14 / Ambiances Ambiguës presents Rosie Valland and her melancholy folk-pop, followed by the intimate sounds of Saratoga (Rendez-vous Pros des Francos).

June 15 / Coyote Records presents the electro-pop side of Laurence Nerbonne, and hip-hop reggae-world percussionist King Abid (Rendez-vous Pros des Francos).

June 16 / SOCAN present an exciting double bill: the spirited pop-rock of La Bronze and the groovy melodies of Samito, 2015-2016 Radio-Canada Revelation in world music (Rendez-vous Pros des Francos).

June 17 / A member of Canailles and Coyote Bill, Olivier Bélisle unveils a resounding 2nd folk-rock album, Une fois par jamais.

June 18 / Sensitive lyrics and finely-wrought guitar: Arthur Le Forestier.

The mercury keeps climbing: ease into it at 7 p.m. with Soirées chaudes Molson Canadian.

June 10 / The charming gypsy-chic style and contagious energy of Ontario native Mélanie Brulée.

June 11 / Bridging American folk and French chanson: Moran brings us a magnificent 4th album, Le silence des chiens.

June 12 / Lively, festive folk-trash: Les Chiens de Ruelles!

June 13 / Colourful, off-the-wall… but also delicate, dreamy and inspired… Barcella welcomes you to his world!

June 14 / Mischievous and edgy, Zaza Fournier arrives with her trademark accordion sound and a 3rd album, Le départ.

June 15 / A Toulouse band bridging vintage blues and hectic hip-hop: Scarecrow.

June 16 / Pierre-Luc Brillant and Isabelle Blais get together for Complicité volontaire, their refreshing and carefree stage show.

June 17 and 18 / Larger-than-life Lithuanian singer GiedRé unveils her raw, utterly un-PC lyrics and songs.

Monde Découvertes SiriusXM

(corner of St. Catherine and Clark)

A world of discovery! Start with the Nouvelle chanson SiriusXM series at 7 p.m.

June 10 / The latest artist from the Chedid clan, Nach: charismatic, luminous and irresistible!

June 11 / Announcing the winners of the 22nd edition of the Ma Première Place des Arts contest!

June 12 / Winner of last year’s Ford Rising Star contest, Dominique Breault presents her original songs.

June 13 / Vibraphone goddess Joëlle Saint-Pierre unveils her lovely new album, Et toi, tu fais quoi ?

June 14 / The luminous Luciole presents her 2nd album, Une.

June 15 / Winner of the Male Artist of the Year award at France’s Victoires de la musique: Vianney.

June 16 / The big winner of the latest edition of the Festival international de la chanson de Granby: Caroline Savoie.

June 17 / Duo Eli et Papillon roll out their luminous, energized pop.

June 18 / French singer Laura Cahen reminds us of Barbara and Camélia Jordana, a singer with contagious charisma.

The magic continues with the Découvertes SiriusXM series at 10 p.m.

June 10 / Former Chinatown member Félix Dyotte delivers his velvety, graceful pop.

June 11 / A big winner in April’s Vue sur la relève festival, Ariane Zita showcases Oui mais non, her debut Francophone album.

June 12 / Mes Aïeux guitarist Frédéric Giroux brings us his authentic, captivating debut solo effort: Le deuxième souffle.

June 13 / Airy vocals, romantic songs and untrammeled poetry: meet Maude Audet.

June 14 / Colourful, off-the-wall… but also delicate, dreamy and inspired… Barcella welcomes you to his world!

June 15 / Simon Kingsbury unveils his first solo album, Pêcher rien: rock-folk grooves and hooky melodies.

June 16 / Vulgaires Machins singer-guitarist Marie-Eve Roy makes the solo leap with her debut album, Bleu Nelson.

June 17 / Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier rolls in with his surprising latest release, Le spectacle.

June 18 / Charming pop and feverish, groovy, funky love songs: it’s Aube, from Mehdi Cayenne.

Place Loto-Québec

(Le Parterre —St. Urbain Street, corner of De Montigny and De Maisonneuve)

They’re young, talented, and ready to show off both: the Espoirs Loto-Québec series, at 8 p.m.

June 10 / Veering from festive country music to atmospheric rock’n’roll: Les Revenants, armed with their 2nd album Épouvantails.

June 11 / Louisiana indie rock en français with a touch of Cajun bluegrass that gets everyone dancing: Sweet Crude.

June 12 / The glittering, soulful, groovy pop of Stella, the latest album from Ariane Brunet.

June 13 / The new faces of traditional Québécois folk: Les Poules à Colin.

June 14 / Winner of the Male Artist of the Year award at France’s Victoires de la musique: Vianney.

June 15 / Alternative folk-rock from Ontario: Pandaléon!

June 16 / A band of good-time buddies from New Brunswick: Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire and their non-stop party.

June 17 / A dark-hued troubadour with a major-league voice: Bertrand Belin brings us his latest, Cap Waller.

June 18 / High-profile songstress Rosie Valland brings us the groovy, captivating sounds of her new EP, Nord-Est.

Dance, groove, party! The Rythmes Loto-Québec series, at 10 p.m.

June 10 / Montreal songwriter Jason Bajada goes Franco! And he’s catchier and sunnier than ever!

June 11 / Radical, rough-hewn duo Rouge Pompier bring us a new album: Chevy Chase.

June 12 / Catchy melodies and energetic rock… Ladies and Gentlemen, Mordicus!

June 13 / Belgium’s Nicolas Michaux, of Été 67, unfurls the airy pop of À la vie à la mort.

June 14 / Mauves bring us their joyous, soaring, psychedelicized latest album, Le faux du soir.

June 15 / The triumphant return of local alternative rock trailblazers Les Chiens!

June 16 / Winners of the Prix Félix-Leclerc 2015 (French division): Radio Elvis.

June 17 / The apex of electro-pop: French group Bagarre and their 2nd EP, Musique de club.

June 18 / Former Hôtel Morphée member Laurence Nerbonne, 2016-2017 Radio-Canada Revelation, with her first solo album: XO.

Monde multiculturel Hydro-Québec (corner of De Maisonneuve and Jeanne-Mance)

Francophone music from the 4 corners of the globe! The Spectacles multiculturels Hydro-Québec series, 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

June 10 / A master of musical melding: Franco-Argentinean Tomas Jensen delivers his 10th album, Le Retour.

June 11 / The irresistible hot-hot-hot rhythms of Senegal-born Quebec artist Élage Diouf.

June 12 / An energized whirl of klezmer, gypsy jazz, blues and country: Kleztory!

June 13 / It’s party time! Get ready for eleven musicians grooving on Latin, funk and reggae sounds: Colectivo.

June 14 / A founding member of Nomadic Massive, Vox Sambou continues his magnificent mission: celebrating the majesty of Haiti with reggae, hip-hop and the country’s traditional music.

June 15 / A warm, rich voice that captures the beauty of Brazil… join Flavia Nascimento on a breathtaking musical voyage.

June 16 / Winners of Vision Diversité, Rookie Rook & compagnie bring their super-powered reggae fusion.

June 17 / This Algerian group is a celebration of the life force: Labess, with their new album Sur la route.

June 18 / One foot in Quebec, the other in Chad: H’Sao sings gospel with touches of Afro-pop, rock and reggae.

Monde urbain La Presse+
(corner of De Montigny and Clark)

Fans of hip-hop and smoking beats–right this way! The Soirées urbaines La Presse+ series heats things up at 9 p.m.

June 10 / Hip-hop-reggae-world music specially conceived to fire up any audience: all hail King Abid!

June 11 / Founded by former Radio Radio member Arthur Comeau, the Tide School label presents the new leaders of Acadian rap: Back sur la graisse.

June 12 / Discover Montreal pop-electronica trio Paupière and the retro synth sounds and timeless nostalgia of their debut EP Jeunes instants.

June 13 / An especially impressive new hip-hop duo, fusing traditional Breton chanson and beatboxing! Bonsoir, KrisMenn & AleM!

June 14 / A Toulouse band bridging vintage blues and hectic hip-hop: Scarecrow.

June 15 / Farfadet is dead; all hail Maxime Gabriel! On his new album, the veteran rapper turns towards chanson!

June 16 / A master of freestyle grooving on African rhythms: Paris MC MHD delivers his blockbuster rap attitude!

June 17 / La Smala: six rappers from Brussels, a furious clan of troublemakers who know how to fire up a stage!

June 18 / Senegal native and adoptive Montrealer Sarahmée brings the groove with her first album, Légitime!

The Nuits urbaines la Presse+ series keeps the part going at 11 p.m!

June 10 / Hip-hop pioneer S.P. Sans Pression fires back with Micro Drive-By and a return to his incisive, creative roots!

June 11 / Founder of the Tide School label, Arthur Comeau welcomes his old Radio Radio pals onstage: Jacobus and Maleco.

June 12 / Les Francouvertes celebrate their 20th anniversary! Get down with indie hip-hop troupe Gatineau!

June 13 / Make way for the wildmen Québécois rap! After wiring up the buzz around the video Sapoud, Les Anticipateurs unleash their 6th album, G.O.L.F.

June 14 and 15 / Effective, edgy and extraordinary: Belgian rapper Hamza.

June 16 / Maybe Watson and Ogden from Alaclair Ensemble launch Rednext Level: they’re hella groovy, incisive and hilarious. Side-splitting entertainment!

June 17 / A master of freestyle grooving on African rhythms: Paris MC MHD delivers his blockbuster rap attitude!

June 18 / La Smala: six rappers from Brussels, a furious clan of troublemakers who know how to fire up a stage!

Partys du Shag Molson Canadian, midnight

What’s that? You think the party’s over? Not way! The celebration rolls on in the Shag, the Francos pop-up bar in Savoy du Métropolis. Burn up the dancefloor with tracks thrown down by Alaclair Ensemble (June 9, 11 p.m.), French Fox, Le Couleur and Fonkyson of Lisbon Lux Records (June 10), DJ Seba aka bURT_COkain (June 11), the Party des 25 ans de CISM (June 12), Sabrina Sabotage (June 14), La Bronze (June 15), Ghetto Érudit  (June 16), Karim Ouellet (June 17), and close it all out with the Spectra programming team, DJs 4% (June 18).

Prix Félix-Leclerc de la chanson 2016: the winners, in concert

The winner of the Quebec division of the Prix Félix-Leclerc 2015, Salomé Leclerc, will have the opportunity to do an internship and perform at Les Francofolies de La Rochelle in 2017. The winner of the last year’s French division, Radio Elvis, will perform as the opening act for Louise Attaque on June 15 (Nuits Ford series) and on the Loto-Québec Stage on June 16 at 10 p.m. (Rythmes Loto-Québec series).

The Ford Rising Star contest: discover the best in local talent!

This 5th edition of the contest will have two winners—one in the Performer category, and one in the Singer-Songwriter category, each competing for a $2500 prize offered by Ford, and grants from CKOI 96,9. Finalists in the singer-songwriter category will compete for the grand prize onstage in a show hosted by contest spokesman Philippe Brach, as well as the winner of the Performer category, on June 18 at 8 p.m. on the Ford Stage as part of the Soirées rock Ford series. The winner of the singer-songwriter category will also perform a solo concert at the 2017 Francos, along with professional mentoring and a professional recording.

Beautiful weather, awesome flea market bargains:
it’s La Foire des Francos!

By popular demand: La Foire des Francos is back! Enjoy music, art and fashion at this fabulous flea market, with over 50 exhibitors and acoustic performances from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with Loïc April, Jeffrey Piton, Sara Dufour, HARRYPLUSTONIO and Melissa Ouimet. It’s a friendly flea market with beer, hotdogs and guest DJs: the Alfa Rococo duo! Saturday, June 11, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Zone Pub Molson Canadian. Presented by CISM.

The “Vis tes Francos” Contest:
over $19,000 in prizes!

Grand prize: a 24-month lease on a Ford Fusion SE with a value of $14,352, offered by Ford.

2nd prize: an exclusive evening with Louis-Jean Cormier: photo session with the artist, exclusive access to the show, a special gift basket, gif vouchers for food stations, 3 passes to Shag. A $450 value.

3rd prize: a Jura automatic coffeemaker, IMPRESSA F8 model, $2870 value, offered by Jura.

4th prize: a package for 10 to restaurant Le Montréal du Casino de Montréal, $1000 value, offered by Loto-Québec.

5th prize: two $250 SAQ gift cards, offered by the SAQ.

6th prize: a radio satellite radio package including a late-model SiriusXM radio with automobile equipment, as well as a home package, and one-year subscription, maximum $500 value, offered by SiriusXM.

For information, and to participate: Presented in collaboration with La Presse+, Rouge FM, CKOI 96.9 FM and 98,5 FM.

Thanks to our partners

We would like to offer our warmest thanks to the Government of Québec—the Ministère du Tourisme, Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications and SODEC—and the Government of Canada—Economic Development Canada and Heritage Canada. Thank also to the Ville de Montréal, Tourisme Montréal, MUSICACTION, the SOCAN Foundation, SOCAN and SACEM, as well as our valued private partners: Bell, principal sponsor and presenter, Ford of Canada, co-presenter of the event, Loto-Québec, Molson Canadian, the Société des alcools du Québec, Hydro-Québec, Desjardins, La Presse+, Société Radio-Canada, SiriusXM, as well as our official suppliers, Pepsi, Hyatt Regency Montréal, ARTV, Naya, complexe Desjardins, Jura, Vital Link, HMV and Fromages CDA. We also thank all of our media partners.

Info-Francos La Presse+

514 876-8989 or, toll-free, 1 855-FRANCOS —

Join us for the 28th edition of Les FrancoFolies de Montréal, from Thursday, June 9 to Saturday, June 18, 2016.

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