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Winter happens here!

MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE free outdoor site

Montréal, Wednesday, February 7, 2018 — Cold… What cold? There’s no reason for the February blahs when MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE is ready to raise the curtain on its reconceived, revamped outdoor site! For its 19th edition presented in collaboration with Bell from February 22 to March 4, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE has something for all of your eyes, ears and tastebuds with, as an added bonus, oceans of adrenalin and tons and tons of fun. Get ready for wild experiences on our refrigerated ice slides, the Zip-line, the giant ferris wheel, as well as athletic challenges, concerts and DJs, and everything to get you out to play! Last year’s massive success, Illuminart presented by the Casino de Montréal, is back with installations fusing art, lighting and technology, casting a magic glow throughout the Quartier des spectacles and charming our curious fans hungry for discovery. New additions include the Chalet Bell, inviting visitors to discover a vast heated pavilion featuring shows, videogames, food and family workshops, right in the heart of the Place des Festivals. And this winter, to mark the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the outdoor site takes on a sportier ambience than ever with activities specially conceived to awaken the athlete in all of us… while inviting you to enjoy our many Gourmet Stations, of course! It’s a different slice of winter!

Activities for all in the new Chalet Bell!

Shows, videogames, workshops and tasting stations await festival fans in this new multifunctional space conceived for every audience taste. It’s the perfect warm spot for fun, to recharge and relax, right in the heart of the Place des Festivals.

Bell is proud to bring Chalet Bell to the heart of Place des Festivals and offer a unique program that will appeal to all festival-goers,” said Martine Turcotte, Bell’s Vice Chair, Québec. “Showcasing technological innovations and offering workshops for the whole family, happy hour themes and a variety of live musical performances, Chalet Bell is a welcoming gathering place for visitors to warm up while enjoying the celebrations.



Shows and Bell DJ/VJs
Musically, get ready for a slew of free concerts every day, for fans of chanson, rock, hip-hop, folk… In other words, something roe every taste! On the sked: Dubmatique (February 22), Heartstreets (February 23, presented by Osheaga), Marie-Pierre Arthur (February 24, presented by Francos de Montréal), Aliocha (March 1, presented by Osheaga), Eman X Vlooper (March 2, presented by Francos de Montréal), and Canailles (March 3).
Sundays, February 25 and March 4, it’s time for comedy! From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., a dozen comics will take turns onstage in a laugh-riot marathon. Hosted by Richardson Zéphir (February 25) and Alphé Gagné (March 4), performers will include Olivier Martineau, Yannick De Martino, Mehdi Bousaidan, Sylvi Tourigny, Mélanie Ghanimé and David Beaucage (February 25), and Martin Perizollo, Les Grandes Crues, Didier Lambert, Arnaud Soly, Maude Landry and Guillaume Beauregard (March 4).

A Montréal Canadiens theme night in collaboration with RDS will be held on Friday, March 2, with several surprises, including the presence of former Habs players during happy hour, and the live broadcast of the Canadiens vs. New York Islanders match.

Finally, the Bell DJs and VJs take over to get everyone grooving every evening from 8 p.m.: Domeno (February 22), TIZI (February 23), Voyage Funktastique (February 24), LUDO (March 1) and Toddy Flores + Zack Cola with the Gotsoul Sessions for the Nuit blanche (March 3).

From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., families can enjoy a variety of enlightening, creative workshops! Saturdays, February 24 and March 3, young people can discover the secrets of turntables, and Sundays, February 25 and March 4, learn how to make jewelry using fiber optics.

Happy Hour
It’s Happy Hour! Every day, we’ll throw a 5 à 7 organized around a different theme: mixology (February 23), microbrewery beer and Québec cheeses (February 24 and March 3), après-ski (March 1) and RDS (march 2) will spice up your early evenings with special menus.
On Thursday, March 1, for the après-ski thematic evening, comedians from the popular series Le Chalet on VRAK will be present to meet fans during a photo and autograph session.

Excitement on the outdoor site

tyrolienneRBC Zip-line
The spectacular RBC Zip-line is back! A wild 200-metre descent powered by Arbraska, it’s an adrenalized experience zooming you over the entire outdoor site, from Balmoral almost all the way to St. Urbain. The departure point is located in the RBC Sports Zone.

RBC Sports Zone
Time to test your athletic abilities! Alone or as part of a team, festival fans are invited to test their mettle on a circuit of four fun, dynamic installations conceived around the Olympic theme: ice hockey, cross-country skiing, mogul skiing and basketball. Win fun prizes! Who will be the rookie of the year? Guaranteed fun for sports fans of all ages! Also, chill out on Adirondack chairs in front of a fireplace and grill sausages and marshmallows on the RBC braziers located throughout the festival site.

Many of our own Canadian Olympic stars will even stop by the CBC/Radio-Canada Olympic Zone to meet the public. RBC Olympic Athletes will include swimming champion Sandrine Mainville, synchro swimmer Jacqueline Simoneau and famed female hockey player Caroline Ouellette.

glissade_laitSlides and games in the Milk Family Fun Zone
Located near the Musée d’art contemporain and easily accessible via Ste. Catherine St. W., the Milk Family Fun Zone is the perfect spot for a good time with the kids. Enjoy giant board games, and slides for the whole clan, including the super Milk Urban Ice Slide and a new micro-slide conceived specially for the little ones.

Québec Maple Ferris Wheel
Enjoy the fresh air and a new perspective as you take a turn on the Québec Maple Ferris Wheel located in the heart of the Incredible World of Maple and admire the splendid view of the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE outdoor site.

CBC/Radio-Canada Olympic Zone
The Winter Olympic Games, live from MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE! Check out the thrilling exploits of our athletes in giant screens; sharpen your reflexes with virtual reality games, including live competitions; develop your sweeping skills in outdoor mini-curling games; enjoy videogames, table hockey and unique encounters with Canadian athletes and Games mascots! An unmissable Olympic rendezvous.


Ari Cui Cui

Énergir Zone
The Énergir Stage located on Ste. Catherine St. in front of the Musée d’art contemporain is the place to be for live shows! This original and dazzling program will deliver moments of musical passion that will leave fans with magical memories. On February 24 and 25 (3 p.m.), the sparkling Ari Cui Cui heads off to discover the world… of her imagination! Her journey explores a variety of rhythms, dances and traditional cuisine from Africa, Asia and Oceania, all while singing of the simple pleasures of “camping out at home”. On March 3 & 4 (3 p.m.), Atchoum trades her balloons for a guitar and a rock vibe guaranteed to get fans of all ages tapping their feet to the beat and falling for her many charms all over again. Every evening at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., experience the powerful fiery illumination of the Black-Light show. On March 2, Montréal DJ MONTANA gets the crowd moving at 8 p.m. And on March 3 (Nuit blanche), from 11 p.m., Bell DJs jojoflores & Cesar take over the wheels of steel for their Bang Bang the Boogie soirée with special guest Quicksound Live!

Don’t miss the Énergir Generator, where generating energy activates a mechanism that delivers a fun little surprise!

Promutuel Assurance Photo Booth
A crew of agents crisscross the site, wearing huge digital balloons on their heads… No, you are not hallucinating! The Promutuel Assurance Squad is here to capture fans’ magical moments in a souvenir photo, which you can pick up at the kiosk. And pick up an added special gift!

Les Tuques bleues
Off-site, discover Les Tuques bleues, a nocturnal snowshoe adventure on Mont-Royal, the annual benefit event held by Les Amis de la montagne, 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 15. A fun activity that contributes to the conservation of Mont-Royal. Registration:

Illuminart returns for its 2nd edition

For a 2nd consecutive year, Illuminart presented by the Casino de Montréal, will present its works free of charge in a reconceived and transformed urban space. In all, a dozen installations created by artists from home and abroad will be showcased around Place des Arts and on the Place des Festivals.

TILTPockets — TILT (France)The Pocket is a reproduction of the old French flashlight or “torch”, an everyday object with old-fashioned charm and vintage colours. As giant-sized recreations, these torches play with scales and surprise passersby around them.
TILT is a French artistic studio, a diverse collection of highly motivated and talented performing artists, creative lighting groups, and lighting enthusiasts, producing towering colourful Luminaires, a combination of sculpture and urban fitting, inspired by nature or items from everyday life.

Nexus Viktor Vicsek (Netherlands) — Standing at the RBC Zip-line arrival tower, an immense luminous structure greets visitors to the site. A complex assemblage of 200 coloured interlocking tubes, Nexus symbolizes the social bonds forged between the inhabitants of a space and its new arrivals.
Nexus was created by Viktor Vicsek, produced by the Amsterdam Light Festival and presented by Light Art Collection and Illuminart.

DekyvereApparatus Florius — Tom Dekyvere (Belgium) — Installed at Place des Arts, this structure symbolizes the instinctive flow of a plant, taking over the city in search of light. The work questions the balance between the human adaptation and digitalization of our natural environment.
Artist Tom Dekyvere explores the deeper layers of reality and mind. His work probes for unexpected connections, in search of the boundaries between nature and technology, between man and robot, between dead and living matter.

Chimes — Collectif Blackbox30 light tubes and 8 speakers come to life at the slightest swaying of the chimes. A simple gust of wind or interaction with the public transforms the entire ambience of the space and creates new illuminated and aural motifs.
Collectif Blackbox is a collective of six creators with a passion for the world of interactive media. Recently graduated from UQAM, the group is interested in the arts, design and new technologies enhancing the exploration of new media.
In collaboration with the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership.

PropolisPropolis — École des médias de l’UQAMPropolis is an interactive and fun installation inspired by the collective operation of bees. To participate, users must mobilize in a collective effort to create a natural substance with decontaminating properties.
Project conceived by interactive media students of École des médias, UQAM.

Vague espiègle — Students of the Presentation Design program, Cégep du Vieux-Montréal — This illuminated installation consists of a series of modules of different dimensions and heights. The alternating motion, the force and the fluorescent reflection of the colours recall childhood and the nature of play. Once the structures are illuminated, the modules come to life.
Conceived by Bianka Marchand, Chloé P. Bourgie and Josianne Pinard, under the supervision of Pascal Duplantie (professor), Francine Proulx (technical support) and Philippe Giroux (lighting programmer).

NOR MINDNOR MIND — Daniel Iregui, Iregular NOR MIND is an interactive sculpture that reacts to the touch of the audience. Geometric patterns cover its surface and evolve constantly. With interaction, the random movement of the patterns is disrupted to follow the hand and body movements of the person interacting.
Iregular is a Montréal-based studio founded in 2010. Working at the intersection of art and technology, the studio combines geometry, typography, light and sound with software, mathematics and algorithms.
In collaboration with the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership.

Luminuits — La CamaraderieLuminuits are timid creatures. Usually lurking out of sight in the night, these shadow figures emerge from their hiding places and await you on the Place des Festivals… The only way to reveal their personalities is through flash photography!
La Camaraderie is a multidisciplinary design studio combining graphic communication, space design, interactivity and public participation.
A pair of tunnels on the Illuminart circuit offer a different interpretation of illumination.

Finally, La grande nuée,an otherworldly collective work created by the students of two schools in the la CSDM:École Marguerite-Bourgeoys and École Saint-Gabriel-Lalemant in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Judith Portier, a specialist in environmental design. Presented in collaboration with Lait.

Festival fans are invited to Espace création Illuminart presented by the Casino de Montréal (Ste. Catherine St. W.) to discover the playful, fun technologies of Illuminart.
February 22 to March 4, Thursday to Sunday — 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. (except for the Nuit blanche, March 3, until 3 a.m.)
For all the details, please visit A mobile application also helps festival goers get around during their visit.

 A festival of flavours

World of Incredible Maple
You’re all invited to a space specially designed to offer free rein to the love of fine food, creativity, fun and imagination, where visitors can join in entertaining activities, enjoy the warm, delightful setting and savour a range of maple products: maple syrup taffy, soups, maple sausages, maple milk and much more!

Two gourmet soirées at SAQ Bistro
The SAQ Bistro will host two gourmet evenings accompanied by wines specially selected by an expert SAQ sommelier: a 4-course meal highlighting Québec Maple (February 23, from 6 p.m.) and a SAQ Workshop hosted by the ITHQ (March 1, 8 p.m.). A wide-ranging menu will be served, as well as a selection of wines, beers, and the “Québec Royal”, recently named the official cocktail of Québec.

fromage_iciFestival of Our Cheeses
In its 12th edition, the Festival of Our Cheeses awaits fans in a newly redecorated site, ready to showcase a range of over 70 Québec cheeses. Artisanal cheesemakers on-site will be happy to answer your questions and share the secrets of their creations, which are often specific and unique to their region. When you check out the competitive pricing at this event, you won’t want to leave empty-handed!
Presented by Our Cheeses. February 22 to 24, Complexe Desjardins’ Grande Place, free admission

Air France Express Workshops: culinary workshops for all ages
Headed by a genuine chef, these 30-minute workshops allow you to whip up tasty little appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, all based on foie gras and duck. Enjoy your creations on-site, or take them home!
And little chefs—pick up your spatulas! These fun, user-friendly family workshops teach cookie decorating and colouring.

cidres_glace_qcMondial des cidres 2018 presented by the SAQ
Mondial des cidres SAQ 2018 invites you all to discover the know-how of twenty local artisanal cider producers and experience this wonderful beverage in all its forms: sparkling, still, dry, ice, flavoured… Tastings, contests, gourmet stations and theme soirées!

Complexe Desjardins’s Grande-Place, March 2 to 4
Gourmet Stations
Food trucks
Dairy Bar and Our Cheeses Gourmet Station:
dairy classics, flavoured café au lait, Québecgrilled cheese and mac’n’cheese.
The essential A to Z on coffee: workshops offered by Café Touché and Café Jura (Saturdays and Sundays, 2 p.m., Chalet Bell).
Cabral Porto & Douro: exclusive range of Douro ports, mulled ports and wines.
Bistro SAQ Express: wines, sodas, grilled marshmallows and sausages.
Bar Coors Light: beers, sodas, grilled marshmallows and sausages.

Schedule of continuous activities
Thursday, February 22,
and Friday, February 23: 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday, February 24, and Sunday, February 25: 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Thursday, March 1, and Friday, March 2: 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday, March 3: 2 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Sunday, March 4: 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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The program of the Nuit blanche à Montréal will be unveiled on February 12.

The 19th edition de MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE runs from February 22 to March 4, 2018

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