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Farewell Chef Paul!

Montréal, Thursday, February 15, 2018 — Organizers of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, presented in collaboration with Bell, were deeply saddened to learn of the passing this past January 20 of the illustrious Paul Bocuse, a giant of global gastronomy and symbol of French culinary prestige worldwide. Named “the pope of cuisine” and elected “Chef of the century” by Gault & Millaut, Paul Bocuse is especially dear to the memory of this festival, dedicated to the flavours of the world, as he served as its first honorary president. The 19th edition of the festival, held from February 22 to March 4, will therefore be dedicated to this legendary chef, with a number of our Air France Finest Tables serving up special menus specially conceived in his honour. In addition, five new gourmet soirées have been added to the program at Maison Boulud, La Chronique and Mousso. Details and reservations:

 Farewell Chef Paul: special menus as part of Air France Finest Tables

Lyon-style hors d’oeuvres
Oeuf meurette (egg poached in Beaujolais wine sauce)
Pike quenelle with crayfish and Nantua sauce
Poultry fricassee with cream and morels
Sweet treats and temptations
President’s cake

Au Petit Extra
Artichoke gratin à la Lyonnaise: fresh artichoke cooked in white wine and creamed veal stock, browned with local cheeses
Sea bream with potato scales, orange and rosemary sauce
Aged beef fillet à la Rossini with slices of foie gras and Madeira sauce
A sampling of Mr. Paul’s desserts: miniature crème brûlée, three-bite Tatin, pear poached in spices, dark chocolate sauce

 Added to the program

1. The Reunion of the Mentor and his Students
February 19 and 20 — Maison Boulud — Five-course menu: $195 (taxes and service not included)

Thomas Haas Maison Boulud

Thomas Haas

Maison Boulud celebrates knowledge by hosting three young Canadian chefs, along with Riccardo Bertolino, of course. These four emerging chefs, who continue to raise the bar of culinary art in Canada, will be gathered around their mentor, Daniel Boulud, to create a unique menu during the festival. Riccardo Bertolino has a deep knowledge of classics, having worked with the greatest chefs in France and with training in the European traditions. Patrick Kriss’ success story as the #1 restaurant in Canada gives testimony to his focus, talent, creativity, and ambition. Dale MacKay’ precision, passion and love for western Canada have made him one of the most talented Western Canadian chefs. Finally, Thomas Haas has an impressive background and is considered by Daniel Boulud as the best pastry chef in the country.

2. Maison Boulud Hosts Gaetano Trovato
February 24 — Maison Boulud — $125, before wine (taxes and service not included)

Gaetano Trovato

Gaetano Trovato

During MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, chef Riccardo Bertolino and Maison Boulud will welcome Italian chef Gaetano Trovato of restaurant Arnolfo, one of Tuscany’s most essential gourmet destinations. Not only famed for the quality of the regional Italian products that he proudly uses in his cuisine, chef Trovato is renowned for his spectacular presentation of dishes that we might even describe as “culinary architecture.” He also teaches at the ALMA International School of Italian Cuisine, where he shares his experience and know-how. These two great Sicilian chefs now meet for the first time ever to collaborate on a contemporary, elegant and succulent menu, in the tradition of the Maison Boulud, one of Montréal’s most refined and essential gourmet destinations. Make your reservations quickly, because this unique event will take place one night only.

3. Antonin Mousseau-Rivard Welcomes Atsushi Tanaka: a Symphony of Succulence and Elegance
February 27 and 28 — Mousso — $150, before wine (taxes and service not included)

Atsushi Tanaka Le Mousso

Atsushi Tanaka

Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, renowned for his creative, innovative and delicious dishes, welcomes Japan’s Atsushi Tanaka, owner of Parisian restaurant AT, celebrated for his delicate, powerful and modern cuisine. Though an ocean separates them, these two young chefs share a love for the lands where they were born and draw deep inspiration from them in crafting dishes that thrill the taste buds… and the eye. Both men place a tremendous importance on the presentation of their dishes, seeking to offer an experience that transcends the world of flavours and aromas to offer visually dazzling cuisine. From Montréal to Japan to Paris, an unforgettable culinary voyage to the realm of the senses awaits.

4. The New School
March 1 — Mousso — $150 (taxes, wine and service not included)

Sean McDonald Le Mousso

Sean McDonald

Looking for the New School? Meet Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, Sean MacDonald, Matt Lambert and Atsushi Tanaka. Like the Nouvelle Vague in film, this “Nouvelle École” in gastronomy is not solely the result of revolutionary culinary techniques, but also the immediate product of an assemblage of a number of next generation chefs—one that began on Instagram and culminated in an encounter at MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE. How? With Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, we’ve discovered that everything is possible! The virtual encounter began when the four chefs mutually admired photos of culinary creations from their respective restaurants. A desire was sparked to transform that virtual admiration into reality: they decided to connect in the flesh to share their common passion for gourmet presentation, in the same kitchen. Now, this unique encounter between culinary artists will happen in the kitchens of restaurant Le Mousso, for one night only during MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE. On the menu: bedazzlement for the eyes, wonderment for the taste buds.

5. The Bocuse Event at La Chronique
February 27 to March 3 — La Chronique — Five-course menu: $85 (taxes, wine and service not included)

BocuseLa Chronique, a classic of French gastronomy in Montréal, presents a five-course menu of signature dishes inspired by the legendary Paul Bocuse, first honorary president of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE.

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