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30th edition of Les Francos

Montréal, Wednesday, May 23, 2018 — Well, we had to offer a memorable party for the 30th anniversary of the Francos… and here it is! From June 8 to 17, we’ve organized 150 free shows to assemble everyone together with everything they need to eat, drink and be merry. What can you expect? Nothing but the absolute best of the francophone scene, from rock to hip-hop to electronica, world music, pop, chanson and folk, from Québec artists of course, but also players from the four corners of the globe: Colombia, Belgium, Guinea, Morocco, the Central African Republic, the Congo, Mali, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario and New Brunswick. And all of it en français! In other words, the most vibrant, contemporary, and surprising edition ever, presented by Bell in collaboration with Loto-Québec! A massive party in the heart of downtown, with all the finest artists of the hour, and all free… pretty tempting, right?

The program, series by series

Bell Stage (Place des Festivals)
A free event every evening!

Ten concert events to kick off the summer! Every evening at 9 p.m. on the Bell Stage on the Place des Festivals (Les Spectacles Bell series).

Alaclair Ensemble
Éric Lapointe
presented in collaboration with ÉNERGIE
Klô Pelgag and Orchestre du Temple Thoracique
Kevin Parent
Daniel Bélanger
Patrice Michaud
Dead Obies
Rapkeb Allstarz
with Koriass, FouKi, Alaclair Ensemble, Rymz, Lary Kidd, Dead Obies, Taktika, Joe Rocca, Urban Science et Brown
Yann Perreau

The next generation takes over the Place des Festivals every evening at 7 p.m. in the Révélations Bell series presented by Rouge FM.



June 8 / Mordicus — Poised between Brit indie-rock and ’70s psychedelia, Mordicus swoops in with a 3rd album, Où sont les néons ?

June 9 / Rémi Chassé — Rock, high energy and a monumentally powerhouse voice! Rémi Chassé presents his 2nd release, Les cris et les fleurs.

June 10 / Claude Bégin — A multi-talented artist, Claude Bégin plunges us into the unbridled pop of his 2nd disc, Bleu Nuit.

June 11 / La Traversée with Pomme, Adrien Soleiman, Laura Cahen, Marvin Jouno, Sara Dufour, Antoine Corriveau, Sophie Pelletier, Shawn Jobin — Four French artists (Pomme, Adrien Soleiman, Marvin Jouno and Laura Cahen) meet four Canadian artists (Sophie Pelletier, Antoine Corriveau, Sara Dufour and Shawn Jobin). After a week spent working in France, the eight artists perform La Traversée in Montréal in an exclusive Francos show. A momentous event!

June 12 / Daran — A Francos regular, die-hard Daran rolls in with a 10th release, Endorphine,as caustic and all-consuming as ever.



June 13 / Lafayette Le kitsch, c’est chic! A Parisian dandy par excellence, Lafayette welcomes us into a deliciously retro world.

June 14 / Saule — A Belgian artist who transforms chanson his way, back after a nine-year absence with L’Éclaircie.

June 15 / Gael Faure—Intense, passionate music, performed with a rare sincerity and sensibility: Gael Faure returns with his 3rd album, Regain.  

June 16 / Caravane — Originally from Québec City, Caravane set the crowd ablaze with raw acid-rock.

Loto-Québec Stage (corner De Montigny and Clark)

Alfa Rococo

Alfa Rococo

The beautiful people gather for 90-minute concerts in the Concerts Loto-Québecseries at 8 p.m.
June 8 / Alfa Rococo—This Montréal electronic disco-pop group partied with us at the 20th Francos. They’re back to repeat the favour and get everyone dancing at the 30th!

June 9 / Laurence Jalbert—Almost 30 years into a career full of major tours and prestigious awards: hail Laurence Jalbert, with her incomparable energy and voice.

June 10 / Dan Bigras — A tower of strength on the Québécois rock scene, Dan Bigras returns with a new album, new sound, and new stories.

June 11 / Les Respectables, 25 ans — La Soirée Sirius XM — Celebrating their 25th anniversary, the band readies an imminent new album and a super show at the Francos!


Amadou & Mariam

June 12 / Amadou & Mariam — The icons of Malian music return with their irresistible groove and good humour, getting everyone dancing with their unique blend of world music and joie de vivre.

June 13 / Damien Robitaille — Last year marked the grand comeback of Damien Robitaille with a 4th album, Univers parallèles: playful and rhythmic folk-pop!

June 14 / Ludovick Bourgeois — It’s a powerful entrance onto the Québécois musical landscape for the winner of La Voix 2017, armed with an eponymous debut album.

June 15 / La Chicane — Twenty years after the elemental single Calvaire and the dazzling success that followed, the rock group makes its triumphant return to the stage.

June 16 / Vincent Vallières — Armed with his 7th album, Le temps des vivants,the singer-songwriter continues to charm audiences wherever he goes. It’s finally our turn! Presented in collaboration with MAX.

Maude Audet

Maude Audet

Talented artists from near and far assemble at 6 p.m. in the Pique-niques Loto-Québec series.
June 8 / Maude Audet — Meet Maude Audet and the poetic folk of her 2nd album, Comme une odeur de déclin.  

June 9 / Ludovic Alarie — In his Appartement, the title of his latest album, the young musician serves up an intimate and meditative electropop.

June 10 / Nicolet — At times disconcerting and surprising, but always rich and intriguing: the most recent indie-pop project from the eccentric Étienne Hamel.

June 11 / Post Script—Post Script weaves the optimistic melancholy of an entwined relationship: the striking effervescence of Steph Blais harmonized with the rich baritone of Paul Cournoyer.

June 12 / Matmatah — Fusing ’60s hard-rock and traditional Breton music, the group celebrates 20 years of popularity with a new album, Plates Coutures.



June 13 / Rive — With their airy, oneiric debut EP Vermillon, this Belgian duo finds its niche on the global electronica scene.

June 14 / Julie Aubé — The young member of highly-esteemed trio Les Hay Babies just dropped Joie de vivre, a debut solo album released in autumn.

June 15 / Gazoline — Spearheads of the Québécois post-rock movement, Gazoline fire up the cutting-edge synth-rock of their recent EP Yūgen.

June 16 / Dany PlacardDany trades in his acoustic guitar and harmonica for heavy electric guitars and an alt-rock vibe: the new album, Full Face.

                   SiriusXM Stage (corner De Maisonneuve and Clark)

Famille Ouellette Presse

La Famille Ouellette

A focus on raw talent: Les Étoiles SiriusXM, 7 p.m.

June 8 / La Famille Ouellette — A crazy and ambitious electropop project—or as the group aptly says, “a rich and tasty gastronomic pop experience.” In collaboration with MusiquePlus.

June 9 / Zébulon — THE flagship Québécois rock of the ’90s celebrates its 10-year reunion anniversary with a more acoustic formula.

June 10 / Jérôme Couture — Former finalist of La Voix visits with a foretaste of his 3rd album set for autumn release.

June 11 / Xavier Caféïne — As wild and unpredictable as ever, the singer unloads his greatest tracks, along with unreleased new ones.

SABrina sabotage

Sabrina Sabotage

June 12 / Sabrina Sabotage — The gracious multi-talented singer visits with her poppy, highly danceable eponymous solo project.

June 13 / Les Tireux d’Roches — Inspired by all the kilometres they’ve traveled over the past 20 years, the group rides in with its 6th album, Tarmacadam.

June 14 / AMÉ — AMÉ presents Sa couleur, a 2nd album: a crystalline voice, synth-pop tunes and powerful lyrics.

June 15 / Joseph Edgar — A major figure on the Acadian scene, Edgar arrives with songs from a 7th album due soon.  

Marjolaine Morasse

Marjolaine Morasse

June 16 / Marjolaine Morasse — A genuinely cozy, comforting moment with the sweet, sensitive pop-folk of this artist from northern Québec.

Guitars are unleashed at 10 p.m. in the Rock SiriusXM series.
June 8 / Loïc April — The next great shoegazer in a direct lineage from the Pixies: slow-burning melodies, clever chord progressions and distorted guitars.

June 9 / WD-40 — Celebrating their 25th anniversary, the group returns to the stage armed with folk-rock with a punk-rock soul.

June 10 / Oktoplut — Expect an explosion of energy from this group, with their 2nd album, Le démon normal.

June 11 / Valery Vaughn— That intriguing name conceals the unhinged duo formed by Vincent Huard-Tremblay and Victor Tremblay-Desrosiers: heavy, cutting-edge stoner punk June 12 / Ponctuation — Raw, weighty garage rock from this hard-hitting Québec City group and their latest album, Mon herbier du monde entier.

June 13 / Corridor — With jangling guitars and and matching stagewear, this great Montréal band aims for the next level with its 2nd album, Supermercado.



June 14 / Brutal Chérie — As indicated by the title of their 2nd album, Antisocial et brutal, this trio hasn’t lost a shred of their usual belligerence. You have been warned!

June 15 / M U D I E—For the first time in his career, Hugo Mudie performs solo at the Francos with a new project: gritty music with husky, suave vocals.

June 16 / Les Breastfeeders — Les Breastfeeders welcome back old pal Sunny Duval, here at the Francos to celebrate 18 years of rock’n’roll.

Desjardins Stage (corner Ste. Catherine and Jeanne-Mance)

A series tailor-made for fanatics of fiery beats! the Soirées urbaines Desjardins every evening at 8 p.m.
June 8 /Monk.E — On his recentCouronne à double trenchant, multidisciplinary artistMonk.E digs into graffiti, poetry and rap.

June 9 / Souldia — The rapper returns with Ad Vitam Aeternam (Pour toujours): hardcore and hard-hitting.


Debbie Tebbs

June 10 / Casse-Croute — After a four-year silence, the rap collective returns armed with the album Éléphant Rose.

June 11 / Debbie Tebbs — Powerful electronica, catchy pop: the artist invites us into her retro-futurist world.

June 12 / Aiza — The sparkling Aiza brings a breath of fresh air to the Montréal R&B/soul scene. Prepare to surrender!

June 13 / Le Reptile Rampant — It’s hardcore rap with no zigs, zags or concessions!

June 14 / Salimo — The new rising star of the Québécois rap scene.  



June 15 / LaF — Three rappers — Bkay, Mantisse and Jah Maaz — and as many beatmakers — Bnjmn.lloyd, Oclaz and BLVDR — drop an ambitious cloud rap project that just took home the Francouvertes grand prize.

June 16 / Rainmen and guests, 20e d’Armageddon—Pioneers of the Québécois hip-hop scene, Outra-22 and Nauf hit the Francos to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their cult album.

The party keeps cookin’ with the Nuits urbaines Desjardins series at 11 p.m.
June 8 / L’amalgame — Born in the Rosemont ’hood, L’amalgame shakes up rap, hip-hop and funk for a fresh-hard-hitting sound.

Obia le chef

Obia le Chef

June 9 / Obia le Chef — A Haitian lyricist from Montréal, this wizard of words hits the Francos with a debut album, Soufflette.

June 10 / Donzelle — It’s a trilingual rap pussycore kitsch-hop party attacking the dancefloor and upending clichés!

June 11 / Automelodi — Get set for melancholy lyrics over a bed of spellbinding synths.

June 12 / Josman — The great hope of French rap!

June 13 / Arthur Comeau — The former Radio Radio member dials in his new opus, Planet Clare.

Eman X Vlooper

Eman X Vlooper

June 14 / Jay Scøtt X Smitty Bacalley — A unique project mixing up cloud rap, trap and hip-hop in one explosive evening.

June 15 / Eman X Vlooper — The extraordinary, regal hip-hop duo returns with La joie,the perfect combination of striking flow and addictive rhythms.

June 16 / La Fourmilière — A major-league hip-hop soirée with this colourful Montréal collective of rappeurs.

The great hopes of tomorrow offer a glimpse of their talents! It’s the Chansons dans la mire (Complexe Desjardins) series at noon.
June 13 to 16 / Chansons dans la mire — SACEF presents a series of four shows celebrating the ingenuity and effervescence of the world of song with performers from the 24th edition of Ma Première Place des Arts.    

June 13 to 16 / Un chansonnier au complexe Desjardins — From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., a chansonnier entertains Complexe Desjardins: Ray Marcianno (June 13 and 15), Gilbert Lauzon (June 14) and Yannick Strawinski (June 16).

Hydro-Québec Stage (corner De Maisonneuve and Jeanne-Mance)

Laetitia Zomzambe

Laetitia Zomzambé

Welcome the bright hopes of tomorrow! the Découvertes Hydro-Québec, 6 p.m.
June 8 / Dave Chose—Unspooling a melancholy rock-folk, the musician presents his truly promising debut album: 0.5%.

June 9 / Laetitia Zonzambé — Considered the leading figure in African music in Canada, Laetitia Zonzambé unveils Sanza soul, fusing traditional Bantu chants, soul, pop and R&B.

June 10 / Alpha Thiam — The singer-songwriter and impressive storyteller brings us his spellbinding songs sung in Fula, Manding and Susu.

June 11 / Gabrielle Goulet — A fresh, luminous musical world blending the finest in pop and country.

Catherine Leduc

Catherine Leduc

June 12 / Catherine Leduc — Former member of Tricot Machine unfurls Un bras de distance avec le soleil: a daring blend of baroque textures, happy melodic adventures and refined lyrics.

June 13 / Rebel Moon — The repertoire: a multitude of influences including alternative rock, jazz, and even reggae and traditional Moroccan music, a style Rebel Moon aka Badr Dean Jennaoui calls ‘Gypster’.

June 14 / Catherine Durand — A fixture on the modern folk scene, Catherine Durand just poured forth La pluie entre nous, her latest effort.

June 15 / Lou-Adriane Cassidy — Finalist at Les Francouvertes 2018, Lou-Adriane is a hot artist to watch!

June 16 / The winners of Ma Première Place des Arts—Next generation, step forward! The famed contest unveils its winners.

Attention: expect waves of energy and decibels! Les Soirées électriques Hydro-Québecat 8 p.m.

June 8 / Paupière — Pop that is at once innocent and deep, light yet powerful,poised between the Montréal of today and the France of the ’80s: Paupière, with a new album.

Clement Jacques

Clement Jacques

June 9 / Clement Jacques — The artist arrives at the Francos with his 4th album, Chromatique: delicate melodies, genuine, sincere lyrics exploring a palette of sonic textures.

June 10 / Choses Sauvages — A burst of ’80s New Wave, not devoid of humour.

June 11 / Zen Bamboo Zen Bamboo returns with the supercharged rock of their two recent EPs, Juvénile and Plus mature. Gonna get hot!

June 12 / Kizaba — Known for his role in Afrikelektro and Afrotronix, the singer-drummer delivers his debut solo project, entitled Nzela.



June 13 / Jesuslesfilles — The Montréal garage rock group drops its 4th album, Daniel. Incredibly urgent, hard-hitting rock!

June 14 / Hollydays — A subtle blend of pop and electronica, this Parisian duo gently steps in with a romantic sound that’s the envy of the French music scene. Magnifique!

June 15 / Voyou — An artist to discover: solo onstage, with guitar, machines and above all, trumpet.

June 16 / Le Nombre — After a well-earned nine-year break, the rock’n’roll powerhouse returns to the stage with songs from their three acclaimed albums.

Coors Light Zone (corner De Bleury and Ste. Catherine)

Frank Custeau

Frank Custeau

A friendly and festive spot for the Acoustiques Coors Light series at 5 p.m.
June 8 / Frank Custeau — Former leader of LesConards à l’Orange, Frank Custeau launches a solo career with Départs d’août, his guitar, cocky attitude and acidic folk-punk.

June 9 / Yokofeu — Recognized for his ritualistic sense of live performance, Yokofeu borrows from psychedelia, post-punk, Krautrock and pop to devise his very own sound. Winner of the Vue sur la Relève award.

June 10 / Jean-Michel Fontaine — Winner of last year’s Ford Rising Star contest, Jean-Michel Fontaine takes on his very first major show at the Francos!

June 11 / Angèle | Josman — SACEM presents two rising figures on the European scene.

June 12 / Charlotte | Rive — SABAM unveils Belgium’s rising stars!

June 13 / Micro Brûlant | AMÉ — SOCAN presents two of its favourite artists: AMÉ, a crystalline voice, synth-pop tunes and powerful lyrics and Micro Brûlant which, as the name indicates, delivers powerhouse, cutting-edge rap.

View More:

Pierre Guitard

June 14 / Pierre Guitard — Le Festival international de la chanson de Granby welcomes Acadian Pierre Guitard as he presents his refined, catchy country-folk-rock.

June 15 / Simon Laganière — Former member of Frère Goyette flies solo with Samedi soir de semaine.

June 16 / Menoncle Jason — Jason LeBlanc unspools country tunes laced with wacky, droll lyrics.

The mercury rockets up at 7 p.m.! Les Soirées chaudes Coors Light.
June 8 / Les chansonneurs de la Destination Chanson Fleuve — Check under the label “Destination Chanson Fleuve” and you’ll find the next generation of musicians from festivals in Tadoussac and Petite-Vallée. Discover a wealth of talent from all over Québec!

gab bouchard

Gabriel Bouchard

June 9 / Clara Luciani — A retro-chic electronica ambience, a powerful voice and hypersensitive poetry… Entirely gorgeous!

June 10 / Gabriel Bouchard — Winner of the Prix La Fabrique culturelle in 2016, Gabriel Bouchard hits hard with his rough-hewn folk-rock.

June 11 / Félix Dyotte — A delicate blend of synthesizers and gentle words, above all: the music of Félix Dyotte. He arrives with Politesses.

June 12 / Matiu — The singer from the Côte-Nord unveils the authenticity of his rugged folk sound.



June 13 / Charlotte — A personal, powerful musical world, fusing imagery and and mesmerizing, classy choruses in alternative pop: introducing young Belgian singer Charlotte.

June 14 / Lafayette — Le kitsch, c’est chic! A Parisian dandy par excellence, Lafayette welcomes us to his deliciously retro world.

June 15 / Ariane Zita, J’espère que tu vas mieux — The singer and multi-instrumentalist unveils her latest melodic pop project en français with folk and indie accents.

June 16 / Les Chiens de Ruelles — Booming super-rhythmic folk-trash from this wild pack of hounds from Tadoussac.

Les Partys du Shag Coors Light

So you think the party’s over? No chance!! The fun rocks on with Shag, the Francos pop-up bar located in M2. The dancefloor will be fired up by DJ Ephiks (Payz Play) (June 9), DJ Choses Sauvages (June 10), We Are Ortiz (We Are Wolves) (June 11), FIGxFALZ (Figure8 + Funkyfalz) (June 12), DJ FONY (Gabrielle Laïla Tittley) and DJ 30cm (Dominic de Corridor) (June 13), RAPMOMMIES (June 14), Toast Dawg & DJ Nerve(June 15), finally closing out with the Francos programming team, La Royauté (June 16).

The return of Studio Bell

It’s the return of Studio Bell, which will be held this year at Centre Phi (407, Saint-Pierre street). A temporary studio reserved to artists, where two exclusive projects will be created during the event:

-       La Traversée: an artistic meeting between Quebec and France. Four artists from here (Sara Dufour, Antoine Corriveau, Sophie Pelletier, Shawn Joibin) and four French artists (Pomme, Adrian Soleiman, Laura Cahen, Marvin Jouno) cross paths across the Atlantic to compose original songs and put on a show. After spending three days to refine everything at Studio Bell (June 8, 9 and 10), they await us on June 11 at 7 p.m. on the Bell stage to reveal the result!

-        Rapkep Allstarz with Fouki, Koriass, Alaclair Ensemble, Rymz, Lary Kidd, Dead Obies, Taktika, Joe Rocca, Urban Science and Brown. The idea behind Urban Science musicians’ collective was simple: bring together Rapkeb’s lively forces and make them rap while joining them in the most groovy way. See you on June 16 at 9 p.m. !

And this year again, Urbania will document the creative process of the artists throughout the day and the public will be able to follow the project’s evolution live on the Francos’ outdoor site.

Go to for details and to follow the evolution of these two live broadcasted projects.

Prix Félix-Leclerc de la chanson: the winners, live onstage

The Québécois winner of the 2017 Prix-Félix-Leclerc, Klô Pelgag, will have the opportunity to participate an internship and to perform at the Francofolies de La Rochelle on July 15. Meanwhile, last year’s winner from France, Juliette Armanet, will perform chez nous June 14 at 7:30 p.m. in L’Astral (Tout en chanson La Presse+ series).

The Québécois winner of the 23rd edition of the Prix Félix-Leclerc de la chanson will be chosen from among the 10 nominated artists: AMÉ, Andréanne A. Malette, Claude Bégin, Corridor, Émile Bilodeau, FouKi, Hubert Lenoir, Pierre-Hervé Goulet, Roxanne Bruneau, Sara Dufour.

Created in 1996, the Prix allows two winners — one from Québec and the other from France — to introduce themselves to their opposite audiences across the Atlantic.

The winner from Québec receives:
A $10,000 grant from Rythme FM
A $2,500 grant from Groupe Éditorial Musinfo, Québec publisher of part of the Félix Leclerc catalogue
A $2,500 grantfrom SOCAN
An invitation to participate in the 2018 Francofolies de La Rochelle
An internship at the Chantier des Francos in advance of a performance at Les Francofolies de La Rochelle

The winner from France receives:
A $2,500 grantfrom Éditions Raoul Breton, French publisher of Félix-Leclerc
A $2,500 grant from SACEM
An invitation to participate in the 2018 Francos de Montréal

For all the details, please visit

Les Francos on the air, with Radio-Canada on the site

Radio-Canada, the very first Francos partner, celebrates the 30th anniversary of the festival, going into party mode to promote mode francophone music. The fun runs throughout the length of the fest with programming including the 30th anniversary special Chants libres à Monique, hosted by Monique Giroux, June 8 at 5:30 p.m. while Catherine Pépin, host of TV show Le Temps d’une chanson, invites the public on June 15, 5:30 p.m. to a special edition of her show called 1968, l’année de tous les possibles. Both TV Shows will offer multiple musical performances. Furthermore, the public is awaited at the MUR DU SON ICI, C’EST MON GENRE ! a backlit, interactive and astounding musical game that will allow you to recreate your favourite Quebecker songs.

Also live from their mobile Studio on the Francos’ site
June 9 to 14 /
DJ set by on-air hosts, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
June 16 / Launch of ICI Première and ICI Musique programming, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

A great initiative for the 30th anniversary of the Francos: 96.9 CKOI offers a special $30,000 grant

A special $30,000 grant offered for the 30th anniversary of the Francos by CKOI 96.9 to encourage one of the up-and-coming artists performing at this year’s special anniversary edition.

The “Vis tes Francos” Contest: over $9,500 in prizes to be won!

Grand prize: a trip to James Bay, with a value of $4,500, offered by Hydro-Québec.
2nd prize: a Jura automatic coffeemaker, model E6, with a value of $2,300, offered Jura.
3th prize: a package for 10 to restaurant Le Montréal in the Casino de Montréal, $1,000, offered by the Casino de Montréal.
5th prize: two SAQ gift cards with a value of $250 each for Origine Québec products, offered by the SAQ.

Information and registration: Presented in collaboration with La Presse+, Rouge FM, CKOI 96.9 FM and 98,5 FM.

Excitement on the outdoor site!

The action is revving up on the Francos site! In addition to great outdoor programming, fans can discover the new Patio Bouffe and Beat le Lait on the Place des Arts esplanade. DJs, breakdancing, live graffiti, tattoo- and badge-making workshops and, of course, an incredible array of foods and snacks including ice cream, grilled cheese, wild flavoured popcorn and decadent milkshakes!

In addition, Desjardins renews its support of Les Francos de Montréal and joins the heart of this year’s festivities with an offer specially conceived for fans of urban music! Head to the Desjardins Stage on Ste. Catherine Street, corner Jeanne-Mance, and get your groove on to all the danceable sounds! And to make life even easier for fans, they can use debit and credit cards throughout the site thanks to the Desjardins pay terminals now at all boutiques and resto kiosks.

Here’s something else you won’t want to miss: Foire des Francos (Francos Fair) presented once again this year by CISM, the flea market where you can meet, greet and encourage our finest local artisans! On the program: music, art and fashion, with almost 100 exhibitors, DJ sets by Hubert Lenoir and Alexandre Martel (Anatole) and the CISM team! Journalists Émilie Perreault and Monic Néron from 98.5 FM will be playing DJ, which should please every Coeur de Loup and L’Aigle Noir nostalgic. And don’t forget beer, Mini-Golf, Ping Pong and hot-dogs. And admission is free! Saturday, June 9, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the Place des Festivals.

Thanks to our partners

We would like to offer our warmest thanks to the Government of Québec — the Ministère du Tourisme, Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine and SODEC — and the Government of Canada — Canada Economic Development and the Department of Canadian Heritage. Thanks also to the Ville de Montréal, Tourisme Montréal, MUSICACTION, the SOCAN Foundation, SOCAN and SACEM, as well as our valued private partners: Bell, principal sponsor and presenter, Loto-Québec, co-presenter of the event, Desjardins, SiriusXM, Coors Light, Les Producteurs de lait du Québec, Hydro-Québec, the Société des alcools du Québec, Air France, Société Radio-Canada, as well as our official suppliers, Complexe Desjardins, Boulangerie ACE, Jura, Pepsi, Sunrise Records, Solotech, d&b audiotechnik, Yamaha and Zen. Thanks also to all of our media partners.

Join us for the 30th edition of Les Francos de Montréal,
Friday June 8 to Sunday, June 17, 2018.

— 30 —